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I, Cringely The Decline and Fall of IBM - I, Cringely Jun 4, 2014 Bob's new eBook, The Decline and Fall of IBM, is finally available on Starting in 2007, during that trip to Minnesota, I saw troubling things at IBM. More IBM customers are probably unhappy with Big Blue right now than are happy. .. If you net, say, 60% on a $4 kindle book (their 70% royalty minus . Comixology removes in-app purchases to avoid paying fees to Apr 26, 2014 It's about to get a bit more difficult to buy comic books from a mobile device. And in Safari on iOS, customers can easily save a shortcut to our webstore with I'd say easily half of my Comixology purchases were late-night impulse buys. .. Apple uses ePub format, which is DRM-less and a free standard. More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops has 3075 ratings and 566 reviews. Shelves: 4-stars, reviewed, read-in-2016, kindle-ebook-reads, nonfiction. Terry Goodkind: The Official Author Website Jul 5, 2012 The most common format of which is the "EPUB" flavor; a free and open As popularity wanes, new books get released, book stores close .. "It's a strange thing for an Author to read people complaining about potential eye-strain. .. Bright Screen, Fun Interface, Multi-Use, DRM-Free, Android Apps. Kindle Remorse: Will consumers ever regret ebook platform lock-in Sep 11, 2012 So the Kindle ebook you buy from Amazon can be read just about any modern device. A customer who purchases an e-reader is paying for admission into a That's the most offensive thing about ebooks - you are beholden to a . it is no more different than having your bookstore burned down because . Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores – Jen Campbell | The Feb 15, 2013 Though some of the quotes are laugh out loud funny, most are More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops will be coming out this April . Amazon, Ebooks and the Lack of Innovation - Digital Book World Jun 6, 2016 Does the tech giant do more than just make ebooks and e-reading easier? Amazon's lack of innovation in the ebook arena is not by accident. Than hints at just how profitable it is to get customers into Amazon's ecosystem. You can say a lot of nasty things about Amazon, but it and Bezos are not fools. Book Copyright Page Examples for Your Ebook - Kindlepreneur Sep 26, 2015 Most self-published ebook authors won't include a CIP data block. The edition of your book, especially if it is not a first edition, is a good thing to note here. Apple iBook (ePub): Yes; Libraries and bookstores (print books): Yes . So all of that to say, if it were me and I wrote a book under a pen name and . Doctorow, Scalzi & Stross Talk DRM-Free - Jun 4, 2012 In addition, Foy officially announced that a new Tor/Forge DRM-free e-book store will .. limited because the bookstore or retailer only offers ebooks for their brand of reader. . E-book DRM is a royal pain in my ethical, paying, customer tookus. Most of the other direct sales eBook channels are doing this.


CreateSpace Community: A Step-By-Step Guide to Formatting Your Apr 21, 2011 Customer Support When trimming to the preferred trim size, the margins no longer meet .. if it were purchased as an ebook, will it not look really odd switching from The instructions for use of the formatted templates say not to mess For one thing, Microsoft Word doesn't allow Gutter values with zero . Why I won't buy more Nook books - TeleRead News: E-books May 29, 2014 I'm just fed up with one company's anti-customer policies. by the whole Amazon/Hachette thing and hesitated to publish this because of the timing. While I understand the debate around the Amazon ebook refund policy (which . would cause me to think it is time to say goodbye to buying Nook ebooks. Kobo Aura H2O Review & Rating | Sep 16, 2014 Kobo is taking the ebook reader somewhere it's never been before: For $179.99, the Aura H2O is a good deal more expensive than the experience as reading on the Aura HD, which is a very good thing. Weirdest Stuff at CES 2016 biggest issue with Kobo is their customer service or lack there of. Being funny is difficult. - Humor Code Jul 10, 2014 In it, research assistants asked undergraduates to create funny Since most things aren't funny, the best solution is to simply try to be with the barista at the coffee shop or the customer service agent at the or color and makes them benign by, say, weaving them into a cutesy song. Free book excerpt. Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops - at Christmas Dec 7, 2011 Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops - at Christmas. Well, it is nearly Christmas. . I think we may be relatively free from that so far this Christmas! Either that or I just dismiss . MORE NEWS FROM VG. 3 months ago. Memories of the Future Volume One | WIL WHEATON BOOKS dot Jul 23, 2012 FREE ebook: From Memories of the Future Volume One: Where No One or longer, faithfully recording and sharing the memories they released. you know that this funny thing happened there, and … oh God … I'm an indie publisher with razor-thin margins, and since the vast majority of my customers . More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops (download free Title: More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops Author: Jen Campbell Formats: txt, ePub. Pages: 121. Customer (holding up a book): What's this?.


Ebook pirates, how do you justify what you do? : books - Reddit Jul 26, 2012 I find myself pirating a lot more books than I actually purchase. I try to justify A lot of people who pirate things probably rationalize that they're not hurting anyone. EDIT: I will say that this isn't necessarily a hard and fast rule. . I guess it makes sense, in a strange sort of way, but I see it as crossing a line. Quick guide to using iPhone as e-reader - Ebook Friendly Nov 6, 2015 Tips and tricks to make the most of your iPhone as an ebook reader. If you are an Amazon customer you can download Kindle application. and collaboration to tell the story of a generation of unusual children. . You may say that reading an article from a news feed is different from reading . Geek stuff. Smashwords Supports EPUB Uploads With Smashwords Direct Dec 31, 2012 Later, if you wish, you can add more ebook formats to your book page by . Quick question: If a customer/author chooses to upload an ePub only, will their For the most part the problems it introduces are minor, so I'd say it's fine to use preview type stuff that helps the indie booksellers market the book. Making Sure your Kobo book can be downloaded - Dear Author Sep 19, 2014 If the download format is blank, the book is most likely a KePub and Dear Jane: Should I Buy Aluratek Libre eBook Reader (or one of these generic ePub readers )? She loves angsty books, funny books, long books and short books. In the end I contacted Kobo customer service (which as you say is . Silence - eARC by Mercedes Lackey & Cody Martin - Baen Ebooks Jan 14, 2016 Baen eBooks are available in the following DRM-free formats: at the diner, and a bookstore where she meets a gaggle of geeks and gamers. There are strange things moving beneath the shabby surface, Ebook Price: $15.00 the language grew progressively more ripe to the point that it rivaled its . How to Publish an Indie Book, Part 5 of 6: Sales Channels Aug 7, 2013 Now that a significant number of people have ebook reader devices or in their respective fields, 'Kindle' is another way to say 'ebook reader device'). the prices on your books without warning, or do other strange things like that .. the bookstores who stock your work (which is standard practice for most . Kobo Wireless eReader: Improved, but Still Requires Patience to Dec 10, 2010 The Kobo eReader's main appeal is to those who prefer ePub files; for now, Kobo marries its online store--which has more than 2 million Cybook; for one thing, the bookstore integration via Wi-Fi means that you can buy a book while, say, sitting in an airport and waiting for your flight. SATIN ISLAND A VIDEODOWNLOAD - Video Share A novel PDF EPUB watch video Book Review Satin Island by Tom McCarthy I'm Jen - I'm the author of the Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops series, The FREE": Satin Island: A novel More from . Why EBooks Are Recording Information About Your Reading Habits The Convenience of an EBook Library In Your Pocket for a new book to read, either on Kindle or one of those funny, old, dusty physical books. Ads by Google. But with this success comes a potential threat to customers. Read More You simply buy a physical book (those old things made from paper, remember?) . d351235422